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Twenty 20 fever in Pakistan

Like the rest of the country, Pakistani girls are up in arms celebrating their recent cricketing win. The Twenty20 world cup was a much needed boost to the national morale of Pakistanis, being bogged down recently in the Swat war. Pakistani girls are avid cricketing fans as can be gauged by the ample female presence at most cricket matches at home and abroad.

Cricket is a national passion in Pakistan, and is loved by both male and female citizens. Pakistani girls are now creating local all-female cricketing elevens. In localities in Model Town, Lahore and Tench Bhata, Rawalpindi for example, Pakistani girls have created their own local teams and are excited at the idea of competing at the national level. “Sports is a much needed outlet for the downtrodden women of this country,” said Lahori citizen Amira Janjua. “Pakistani girls have proven that they are second to none. Now all we need is a female 20 20 right here in this country.”

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