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Lollywood Hot Actress

Lollywood is the biggest film industry of Pakistan. It starts with the Indian film industry Bollywood but not get progress like Bollywood in image, video and sound quality. Bollywood mainly produces movies in two languages Urdu and Punjabi, but Punjabi movies are more widely watched entire the country. Pakistani Punjabi movies are world famous for their hot Mujra dances and funny dialogues.

Lollywood actresses are also playing very bold roles in movies and famous for their unique dance steps. In news it is blamed that mostly Lollywood movies are copied from Bollywood film stories, and Bollywood movies are copied from Hollywood. It’s a very funny but true fact. I watched a few Pakistani movies both in Punjabi and Urdu but I don’t like much their dialogues and acting of movie actors and actresses.

Lollywood hot actresses like Reema, Sana and Meera are top on the list at box office. These actresses also got chance to work in Bollywood Indian film Industry. Many Indian directors offering Pakistani models to work or perform in their local movies, but due to the hard relations between these two countries showbiz celebrities avoid moving across the borders.

Lollywood songs are recorded by Pakistani and Indian singers, now Pakistani film industry also taking help from Indian directors to improve their picture quality and other movie making issues. You can watch and download hot video songs and wallpapers of Lollywood actresses from the Internet.
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