1 Bollywood News, Top Bollywood Movies: Shoaib Malik fall in love with Sania Mirza & Marry in April 2010

Shoaib Malik fall in love with Sania Mirza & Marry in April 2010

A private television news channel (Geo News) in Pakistan reported Monday (29 march, 2010) that Shoaib Malik and Sania Mirza are marrying but Indian tennis star’s family hasn’t confirmed or denied the news as yet.

Sania Mirza has recently broken her engagement with family friend Sohrab Mirza when rumours about her marriage were sky high.

Shoaib Malik is recently banned by PCB for one year due to his roo rude behaviour with all team mates in Australian Tour and he is involved in another scandal,

On the other hand, the trouble maker in the Pakistani cricket team and the play boy, Shoaib Malik has remained in number of scandals during the course of last couple of years or so.

In 2008, an Indian girl named Ayesha claimed that Shoaib Malik had married with her, but Malik constantly denied the accusations.

This marriage scandal is a fraud as no nikah or rukhsati took place and the parents of Ayesha are dishonouring the religion, Malik’s brother in law had told a channel.

Ayehsa’s parents had invited the Pakistan cricket team at dinner in 2005, but they did not show the girl on the insistence of Inzamam-ul-Haq nor they arranged any meeting with her despite his efforts, said Zafar.

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