1 Bollywood News, Top Bollywood Movies: Bollywood Star Katrina Kaif at The Wedding

Bollywood Star Katrina Kaif at The Wedding

No. No. Don’t interpret it as her own marriage. In fact, the bubbly actress with sparkling eyes was recently seen in Jaipur. She managed to get some time for the wedding of Rajasthan Tourism minister Bina Kak’s daughter Amrita. Now what is the connection between Katrina and Rajasthan?
Well, for those who might not know, this is the same Amrita who sang the very appreciated song ‘Just Chill’. You know how she gave her autographs there. She used ‘mehendi’ to give autographs for the fans and that too on their hands by sitting amidst them. Now, isn’t that a unique way of signing autographs.
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