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Emraan Hashmi – Back to Kissing with a Bang in Crook

This time the Actors goes International with his Kissing Streak..

Emraan Hashmi, better known with the tag of a serial kisser amazed everyone when he didn’t kiss in his last film ‘Once upon a Time in Mumbaai’ and yet it became one of the biggest hits of his career till date. But just after a sabbatical from kissing, Emraan is back to what he does the best and in a more grand fashion as he goes international with his kissing this time. The actor will be seen romancing in the film with a ‘Firang’ (Foreign Girl) and simultaneously Neha Sharma the co-star in his next film ‘Crook- It’s good to be bad’ which releases on 8th of October all over. However his track in the film with the blond girl has some real intimate scenes which are also very much visible in the promos that have been released so far. The Kisser boy is back with a bang and after romancing the Indian girls on screen, it seems that Emraan is now taking it a step further by spicing it up on the celluloid with the foreign actresses too. So can we say that a ‘Brand Kiss’ is what is Hashmi evolving? Well let’s wait and watch…..

“I know that it always raises questions when I am kissing on screen but now I am habitual to facing such questions. It is not that I always want to kiss in every film. If it is the requirement of the script I don’t mind doing it, otherwise I too get apprehensive about it. But in Crook, it was the real need of the hour at that point of the story and screenplay, because it is one of the trigger points which take the story further to another level. People will realize that when they watch the film.” Says the actor who has come a long way since his last few super hits like Jannat, Raaz- The Mystery Continues and Once Upon a Time in Mumbaai. On being asked how his wife reacts to his onscreen image, as Emraan is a married man, blessed with a seven month old baby boy now, Emraan says- “Well I do get slapped around by my wife always after she comes out of the first screenings of my films. Obviously I expect her not to understand but she knows that these are my professional decisions which I have to comply with. Well I am awaiting my quota of slaps after she watches Crook.”

Crook- It’s good to be bad is a Mahesh Bhatt and Mukesh Bhatt’s Vishesh Films production, a banner known vividly for its out of ordinary films and chartbuster music. Their films always had an issue to address but in a typical Bollywood Style. This time it is the issue of Racial Discrimination with the Indians abroad and especially highlighting the recent attacks on Indians in Australia. The film stars Emraan Hashmi and known for giving way to the newcomers in the industry, this time too, Vishesh Films is giving break to a new girl Neha Sharma in this film. The film also casts ‘Fashion’ Boy Arjan Bajwa. Directed by Mohit Suri, the film has all the elements to make it a masses’ film- Romance, Comedy, Action, Thrill and ofcourse an issue, which sums it all. The Music of the film is on Sony Music and has been scored by Music maestro Pritam, whose association with the ‘Bhatts’ has been very fruitful lately with hit albums like Jannat and Tum Mile.
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