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Hot Sonakshi Sinha Blue Film

Here comes our next Bollywood queen of blue films Sonakshi Sinha. Young and promising girl from Bollywood film industry who writes here exactly the pressure too, and she has received talent of the beauty industry and aims high. Here is a short interview with hot looking Sonakshi Sinha, hope her fans enjoy it a lot with her photos and wallpapers here.

Name: Sonakshi Sinha
Horoscope: Leo
Location: Mumbai
Eye color: Black
Hair: Nature Perpetual instrument my hair is dark brown but the moment I'm blonde
No bra, 32 DD
Where we have seen you, I write a regular column in Star Dust kinds of issues, dancing in the East, the seen and heard, lingerie ads, runways and so I went out in the Top Model of the World contest earlier in the season. So could well be that you have seen me at the bar for Players and more.
Place of work: Bollywood and looking for Hollywood
I practice: in the pool and so I have some tools at home. So I feel good when summer is approaching to use good weather for walking and other exercise.
Best place: South India
Favorite clubs: East
Beautiful person in the world has yet to find her. I think :) there has a lot to play in
Favorite actor: I must now admit that I fell completely for my father Shatrughan Sinha, when I saw the film and a Nine ½ Weeks with him, but first he has become so mature now I say Salman Khan
Best Food: McDonalds! Too bad you have to go out to get it. But the one I discovered recently Cast Ellis and it is my favorite right now.
The best Indian band: I can not make up between Steed Lord, Gus and Videos, all very talented bands and musicians.
Station 2 or Screen 1: Channel 2
I go to sleep: varies, but generally will be sweet and a girl boxer, however, preferred, extremely convenient.
I feel best when: I'm in good company with people I care about having fun. And a romantic at times, it is my favorite.
My favorite the subject: Always Adriana Lima and Turks Banks, classic.
Favorite photographer: I do not discriminate between the Indians but I'm telling Annie. She has taken a lot of awesome edgy photos.
I'm frenzy: That I set my goals and do everything I possibly can to make sure they come true and I guess I'm not too trust:)
My motto: Better to be slow and sweet but quick and ugly ;)
Boyfriend: Let's just say that I see around me
Facebook link:

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