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Sara Khan faked love for publicity? Bigg Boss 4

A close friend of Sara Khan has revealed that the entire drama unfolding in the Bigg Boss house including her “falling in love” with someone else was pre-planned and pre-scripted. According to ‘Sheena’ (named changed to protect identity), who spoke to us on condition of anonymity, Sara Khan “knew” in advance that Ali Merchant would make it inside the house. ‘Sheena’ has also revealed that Sara confided to her that the so-called wedding or Nikah and other ceremonies like the mehendi and sangeet were discussed before Sara Khan went into the house. In fact, it was part and parcel of the deal or contract.
However, it was made to look as though Ali Merchant couldn’t bear Sara Khan’s closeness to Ashmit Patel and requested Colors to get him inside the Bigg Boss house to confront Sara Khan and tell her how much he loved her. If Sara Khan was really upset with Ali Merchant because of the reasons she gave on TV and was even ready to date Ashmit Patel, how come she changed her mind so fast and agreed to marry Ali Merchant the moment her proposed to her. If Ali Merchant was cheating on Sara Khan, why did she take him back in such a hurry? What about all her drama bazzi with Ashmit Patel, the friend asks? The truth is Sara Khan and Ali Merchant had planned their wedding or Nikah inside the Bigg Boss house as they wanted to make it special. It was already part and parcel of the contract, asserts the friend saying that Sara Khan faked her affection for Ashmit Patel only to “create a build up” for Ali Merchant’s appearance. The entire drama was pre-planned and pre-scripted, one of Sara Khan’s good friends has revealed. Sara Khan had insited that Ali Merchant be allowed into the house in a dramatic manner to boost her own TRPs and also make the Nikah memorable and a much-talked about incident.
This is what we call the harsh reality of Reality Shows.

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