1 Bollywood News, Top Bollywood Movies: Sexiest Katrina Kaif in No Dress Scandal

Sexiest Katrina Kaif in No Dress Scandal

Bollywood mot expensive and sexiest actress Katrina Kaif has been much between the teeth of people after the news arrived that Katrina Kaif would stop with other fashion show like with no clothes, this show will be organized by a British International company to launch their ladies dress suits and other cosmetic products in India through Bollywood famous and most popular celebrities like Katrina Kaif.

Now, however, provides a different tone of the weekend was hot Katrina Kaif also scared of her hot scandal of getting married with Salman Khan. They went on vacation together and were good to each other. Although they claim to just be friends familiar with them say that it is something between them. With the movement were the friends Katrina Kaif.

Besides all this story it might be announced as a new scandal for Katrina Kaif but without tape because it is open news and Salman also needs no hidden or live camera to make a video tape like before. The most interesting thing about their private her mms clips is the publicity of Katrina Kaif as the hottest and sexiest actress of Bollywood film industry.

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