1 Bollywood News, Top Bollywood Movies: Wardrobe malfunction. Veena Malik nude in Bigg Boss?

Wardrobe malfunction. Veena Malik nude in Bigg Boss?

Pakistani wannabe and starlet Veena Malik definitely knows how to stay in the news. She has mastered the art of hitting the headlines and can definitely be called Pakistan’s version of our very own Rakhi Sawant.

We had already told you how we have our top-secret source right inside the Bigg Boss house. Someone who has direct access to the unedited, uncensored feed from all the cameras in the house 24×7.
Someone who sees the feed, before it hits the FCP editing machines. Before it’s cropped and censored and trimmed.
Someone who sees what even Bigg Boss himself doesn’t. Well don’t believe us, then continue to read on.
Yesterday we told you about how Veena Malik was caught in a compromising position ‘almost in a sexual act’ with one of the male inmates. The two were in a dark spot in the house, where the cameras couldn’t reach. They probably felt there was nobody watching them and got real cozy.
Then suddenly one of them noticed a hidden camera and broke away. Or was this also a publicity stunt. We are sure Bigg Boss will never show such footage as there would be a hue and cry with the moral police screaming their lungs hoarse.
Even the show could get banned if such footage was shown. So we don’t expect Bigg Boss to even acknowledge officially that all this happened. Maybe, they may term our stories trash.
Maybe they may say our stories are fabricated. But we know our sources. We know where we get our masala from – right from the people who see it first. A reporter is only as good as his sources, they say. So here we bring you dear reader today’s exclusive.
We all know that Veena Malik sleeps with her make up on. We all know that Veena Malik changes her clothes 6-7 times a day. She has to check her make up every ten minutes.
Well yesterday while she was hastily trying to change into something new, with a towel wrapped around her and another outfit strapped on, the towel suddenly gave way and the outfit on top followed suit.
There was another female member in the house whose face was not clearly visible in the camera feed. “The feed was hazy as the light was very bad. I couldn’t discern who the other female member was present at that time. It all happened within seconds. Imagine, the actual nude scene feed is not even in seconds, it’s only a few hundred frames, ” says our top-secret source from the Bigg Boss editing studio who saw the raw footage.
Veena Malik immediately managed to pull up the towel and cover herself. We do not know if she was trying to pull a publicity stunt or was it a genuine accident? And we will not pass any comment on her actions.
Of course all this cannot be shown on national TV. It’s for you to decide dear reader if you want to believe us or not. It’s for you to judge if we are telling you the truth or not. But we will continue to bring you such scandalous, unedited, uncensored news right from inside the Bigg Boss house.
This is what we call the True Reality behind Reality Shows. Aisa bhi hota hein!!!!
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