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Vidya Balan Pregnant for a movie

Vidya will be six-month pregnant as a character for Sujoy Ghosh's Kahani. The lovely actress will be seen passing through this avatar with a xi month baby belly. And yes, Vidya Balan will be pregnant throughout the film.

Shot in Kolkata and London the film will be out some time mid 2011. A source reveals, "Vidya's character is that of a pregnant woman whose husband travels from London to India for work. However, he goes missing and she comes to Kolkata in search of him."

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The director says that amazing Vidya met the challenges of playing an expecting mom rather well, "She made it look so effortless. She never compromised on any aspect of filmmaking. Since cinema is a visual medium it was very important for her to look the part. There is lot of simplicity in her character and at the same time great turmoil within.Also there were boundaries because a pregnant woman isn't Batman or Superman. She can't do much, there's only so much you can make her do. But the beauty lies in the vulnerability and subtle nuances that she's used to play the character."
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